Body Shaker

Body Shaker

Model No. – ARG781

ARG BODY SHAKER (ARG781) utilizes the body’s own reflexes to exercise your muscles in a convenient manner. The movement of the plate stimulates the body's natural "stretch reflex" which causes a spontaneous muscle contraction. The Body Shaker is a multi-benefit exercise tool that helps you reach your goals, faster and more effectively. It’s compact and easy to store under a bed or in a closet, with various optional case options for travel and quick, on-the-go workouts. Add the Body Shaker to your routine and experience the world-renowned vibration technology.


  • Body Slimmer works on Multifunctional Integrated Pattern: Walking, jogging, running, yoga, gymnastics
  • High Power Motor
  • Resistance Rope: strong buckle to ensure safety.
  • Anti Skipping:
  • Body Shaker comes with a Remote Control
  • Advanced Control Panel
  • Comfortable Non Slip Board
  • Moveable Wheels
  • Electricity Protection System
  • ABS Alloy Plastic


  • ARG Body Shaker activates entire body, relieve tiredness quickly.
  • Excellent body shaper melts away mass body fat.
  • Soothes insomnia efficiently, helps you unwind.
  • Body Shaker also enhances digestion.
  • Increases blood flow to keep you healthy.
  • Activates joints, soothes arthritis ache, increases bone density.
  • Improves collagen production & Increases flexibility.
  • The magnetic foot massage will help strengthen metabolism, maintain youthful vigor.
  • Sports injury prevention, rehabilitate injuries and ailments.
  • ARG Body Shaker also helps elasticity on the skin and muscles. Increases muscle strength and performance.
  • Prevent fragility from long lacking exercises. Beautify the skin by promoting the metabolism.
  • Increase muscle strength, flexibility, coordination and mobility.
  • Improves blood circulation and metabolism.
  • Reduces cellulite and helps in weight loss.


  • ▪ BRAND :  ARG
  • ▪ MODEL:  ARG781
  • ▪ RATED POWER :  200 W
  • ▪ RATED VOLTAGE :  220V/110V
  • ▪ NET WEIGHT:  16.8Kgs
  • ▪ MAXIMUM LOAD:  150 Kgs
  • ▪ IN THE BOX:  1 Pc ARG Body Shaker.


  • Plug the Body Slimmer to the electric socket.
  • Stand on the foot board and hold the resistance rope on both the sides
  • Press the power button to "On" the massager.
  • The footplate oscillates at increased levels to enhance and stimulate blood flow and tone the muscle.
  • Increase or decrease speed when desired.