Slimming Massager

Slimming Massager

Model No. – ARG714

ARG SLIMMING MASSAGER (ARG 714) is combined with point physical therapy theory and exercise science. It is equipped with slimming and toxin eliminating functions as well as invigorating vibrating massage. By using moderate passive exercise, it can decompose fatness our body accumulates around waist into pieces, thus shaping your posture and beautify your body without any side effect. Used in conjunction with a sensible diet, it can be an effective means of burning body fat and weight reduction. It also assists in basic toning of your body with its unique oscillating motion.


  • ARG Slimming Massager has forward & reverses oscillating function and is much more effective at targeting different parts of the body.
  • Light weight & easy to use
  • Safety temperature control design
  • Auto or manual mode with levels of speed for each mode
  • Slimming Massager comes with programmable remote control for speed and direction
  • Twin power osimotion
  • Heating function
  • Safety ventilation


  • TWIN POWER OSIMOTION: The patented twin power losing fat Slimming Massager Belt is a brilliant invention that capitalizes on symmetrical double point massage. Its two separate massagers provide a well balanced treatment, zapping away unwanted fats at your tummy, butt, thighs and other areas more effectively and efficiently. Slimming Massager gives you a harmonious massage like no other, returning you proper relaxation after a hard day’s work.
  • HEATING FUNCTION: Slimming Massager comes with warm air circulation around the essential points of contact, sit back and feel recharged with an improved blood circulation. Chase away lactic acid and relieve muscle fatigue with this exclusive heating function.
  • SAFETY VENTILATION: Slimming Massager Belt is elaborately coded with a heat-balancing act. The 4-ventilation outlets fitted within the belt allow a quick regulation of heat, maintaining optimum performance while you zap.


  • ▪ BRAND :  ARG
  • ▪ MODEL:  ARG714
  • ▪ COLOUR :  White
  • ▪ VOLTAGE :  DC 24V
  • ▪ POWER :  48W
  • ▪ IN THE BOX :  Slimming Massager with remote and belt cover.


  • • Unpack the ARG Slimming Massager and plug it into an electric socket.
  • • Wrap it around your waist, abdomen, thighs, shoulder or back and press the power button on the remote to start the massage.
  • • Set the speed manually according to your need.
  • • If you want to use the heat function then press the heat button.
  • • Control the speed of the belt from the remote.
  • • Turn off the Slimming Massager and unplug it after using.
  • Magnetic Analyzer is ready to use.