ARG introduces all new Knee massager with airbag massage, heat therapy and optional vibration mode. All three features combine and helps in increase blood circulation, pain relief, and to stimulate healing and flush away fluids causing inflammation. FEATURES It is very light and portable with its novel and fashion design and equipped with a clear and readable display panel. Equipped with high-frequency vibration massage, heating therapy, and air compression massage options for a customized massage. Equipped with natural magnets inside to promote blood circulation and pain relief. Airbags inside the machine provide kneading massage to stimulate the reflect points of your knees and bring you the most relaxing and rejuvenating massage experience. Equipped with carbon fiber as an infrared heating source for heating function. Built in pre-programmed timer of 15 minutes to turn off automatically SPECIFICATION Product Name: Wireless Knee Massager Device Size: 8.66 x 8.27 x 5.7 inches Rated Voltage: 110 – 240V Red Wavelength: 615-650nm Adjustable temperature: 45℃ to 55℃ Built-in Battery Capacity: 3000 mAh IN THE BOX 1 pair Knee Massager 1 x USB Charging cable Instruction Manual.

  • WARRANTY – ARG Knee Massager comes with 6 Months warranty. For further assistance kindly contact us.



HEAT THERAPY and AIRBAG COMPREESSION MASSAGE: The knee machine perfectly combines 3 level heat therapies with vibration. Stimulates blood flow and improves circulation to reduce stiffness in painful knee joints. Temperature penetrates the skin, relaxes blood vessels speeds up blood circulation, and dredges meridians. 3-grades airbag wrap, Relax knee soft tissue, by squeezing the knee around the airbag. It automatically fills and deflates.

KNEE PAIN RELIEF FROM INSIDE: solve the problems of knee joint. Pain free life by soothing stubborn discomfort of knees. MAGNET PHYSIOTHERAPY: Release healthy magnetic energy, Built-in energy magnets help balance the magnetic field at the bottom of the muscles, release healthy magnetic energy, and accelerate pain relief. Heat therapy keep your knee warm in cold season Improve blood circulation and reduce knee effusion.

ADJUSTABLE FUNCTIONS: Powerful built-in infrared light improving micro-circulation of the related area, physical therapy for knee arthritis such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, etc.3 heat modes and 3 massage levels available along with 3 vibration levels to solve knee rheumatoid arthritis, effectively penetrating internally generated thermal energy into deep zone of knee and thus make improvement.

LCD TOUCH MASSAGER: Hassle free wireless knee massager with LCD Touch control panel. Can be used on one knee or both the knees depending upon the suitability. Suitable for people who have sore feeling when they stretch their knees or walk upstairs and downstairs, knee pain when climate changes or in cloudy day, lack of flexibility and people who have stiff or swelling knee during afternoon or at night after exercises.



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