ARG Massage Gun New – 12 Attachments



Strength, speed and depth are the key elements of deep muscle massage relaxation. ARG fascia gun will use a scientifically calibrated combination of forces to purposely act on muscles to bring greater benefits to the body. The design of the texture on the handle is high friction so it’s anti-slip. 

The user-friendly handheld and portable design is easy to carry and provides a better grip. This massage gun is equipped with a 2000 mAh large-capacity lithium-ion battery, which can be used continuously for 120minutes after being fully charged. 

From deep-tissue massage on your back, legs, and arms, to softer options for more delicate tissue – find just the right combination to enjoy refreshed and restored muscles. After 15 minutes of continuous use, the percussion massager will automatically stop running to provide intimate protection for your health, and it can also effectively protect the battery life. The 6-speed levels and 6 Vibration Mode available for you to take control of pain and stiffness;

  • 【Ergonomic Design】Ergonomic multi-functional grip and elbow arm, easy to operate, provide a comfortable way to hold and control in different angle and intensity for target area.
  • 【Customize your massage】 6 speed settings, 6 massage modes and 12 interchangeable heads, allowing you to adjust, optimize and penetrate the tissues of each individual muscle.
  • 【Quiet but Super Powerful Massage Device】With powerful high-frequency vibration stimulation,maximum of 3000 beats per minute. The amplitude of the massage gun can reach 12mm, penetrate deep into the tissue to accelerate blood circulation, quickly decompose the lactic acid produced after exercise and eliminate pain. With the new generation of noise reduction technology, the noise is less than 50 dB.
  • 【Upgraded durable battery】Ergonomic design and long battery life-lightweight, ergonomic vibrating massager device. You will be able to target every inch of muscle and enjoy a powerful deep tissue massage.
  • 【Well Made Carrying Case for Workouts】 Storing all things in one case, it is convenient to carry and keep track of everything. The massager is good for your daily muscle relief at home or at the gym. Easy and effective with two-handed operation.
  • Anti-slip Hand Grip with a User-friendly and Easily Handheld DesigN
  • 15 Minutes Auto-Off Function
  • Long Battery Life
  • 6 Vibration Speed & 6 Vibration Mode
  • Round Head & Bullet Head
  • Round Head:Thumps smoothly,creating a gentle,relaxing massage for all-over body use.
  • Bullet Head:Use of acupuncture spot and prostate spot.


Acupoint Massage Head & Four Finger Flex Head

  • Acupoint Massage Head:Hit the bull’s eye all at once.
  • Four Finger Flex Head:Soft,finger-like nodes replicate a human touch.

Soft Vibrating Massage Head & Acupoint Head

  • Soft Vibrating Massage Head:Comfortable massage experience.
  • Acupoint Head:Applies deep,pinpoint massage to a concentrated area.

Body Massage Oil Head & Three Point Massage Head

  • Body Massage Oil Head:Use with body oil or gel.
  • Three Point Massage Head:Simulate multi-point massage,suitable for all parts of the body.

Needle Stick Head & Scalp Massage Head

  • Needle Stick Head:Use to stimulate and tap acupuncture points on the body,especially on the palm,sole of the foot and thighs as you get an acupuncture treatment.
  • Scalp Massage Head:Scalp massage.

Facial Massage Head & Flat Disc Head

  • Facial Massage Head:Use with facial cream,oil or gel.
  • Flat Disc Head:Extra-wide surface coverage for large,deep muscle massage.


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