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•Attach the host with the massage pad.
•Remove the transparent film behind the massage pad.
•Stick the instrument to the area that requires massage.
•Press “+” button to turn on.
•Press the “M” button to select the desired mode.
•Adjust the massage intensity to suit you. Keep pressing “+” to •increase intensity and press “-” to decrease intensity.
•Press “-” button to turn off.



ADVANCED EMS TECHNOLOGY: Neck massager uses Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology. Back massager transmits electrical impulses (electric current) to your body which relives pain and fatigue. Perfect combination of traditional & high tech massage nursing. Adopting intelligent technology, massage technology and simulation of manual massage. Body massager for pain relief
MULTIPURPOSE USAGE BENIFITS: The body massager can not only relax your muscles but also improve blood flow, relieve muscle discomfort pain and fatigue, activate muscle pressure, achieve a soothing effect, effectively exercise muscles, and target loose adipose tissue (body fat). Massager machine for pain relief.
DURABLE MATERIAL & SKIN FRIENDLY: Massager pad is made of PU material, which is soft, durable, long lasting, odor-free and skin-friendly and massage machine pad can be used for a long time. Body massage machine ‘s host is also equipped with quality material.


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